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   Playing sports is an experience unlike anything else. You compete in a capacity that challenges you both physically and mentally, and usually receive a great workout in the process. I remember watching my favorite athletes performing incredible acts of athleticism, then invest hours of my own time to possibly recreate their feats. I easily lost track of time as I was in my zone. My passion to play sports has continued through high school, college, marriage, and kids; but that commitment becomes more difficult to honor with each new season.

Making the commitment to play sports gets more difficult the older we get. I have had to continue to adapt and make the most of the opportunities available to me. Sports could easily become anyone's past time as the challenges of life get in the way, but should they have to? After investing so much time and effort into the sports that I love, I wasn't ready to retire. I didn't want to become another statistic to give up what I loved because the alarm clock of the "real" world woke me up.

     But what is retirement really? Retirement in sports is something your aren't looking forward to. When you hear "sports" and "retirement" in the same sentence, people back off as though it is a contagious disease. In the workplace retirement is quite contradictory, often viewed as an achievement we are all striving for. It is a turning point where people can stop doing what they had to do to survive and transition to a life they have always wanted. Throwing in the towel for my passion of sports has never been the best way to get there.
     At Virtual Team Captain (virtualteamcaptain.com), we believe in postponing retirement from sports. Our goal is to allow athletes to play the sports by making them more easily accessible, tailor commitments to the player, improve cost efficiency, and reinvent the traditional league model. We improve the sports experience for everyone and have it complement the challenges we deal with in our 21st century lives.

Etzel Brower
Founder, Virtual Team Captain


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